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MPCOAST: MicroPlastic transport processes in the COASTal environment

MPCOAST: MicroPlastic transport processes in the COASTal environment

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Microplastic Transport in the Large Wave Flume
Leitung:  Fuhrman, David R. (PI)
Team:  Larsen, Bjarke Eltard (Project Participant); Carstensen, Stefan (Project Participant); Christensen, Erik Damgaard (Project Participant); Nils Kerpen (Project Participant); Torsten Schlurmann (Project Participant)
Jahr:  2020
Datum:  01-07-20
Förderung:  Independent Research Fund Denmark
Laufzeit:  07/2020 - 07/2023
Ist abgeschlossen:  ja

Youtube video produced by The Independent Research Fund Denmark describing the research project MPCOAST

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Mobilisation of microplastic by breaking waves

Primary objectives include:

  1. To identify fundamental thresholds for (i) incipient motion conditions and (ii) initiation of suspension for non-buoyant MPs mixed with bottom sediments;
  2. To extend state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) coastal models to newly incorporate specialized particle models for turbulent MP transport, setting a new standard of practice in this area by a wide margin;
  3. To elucidate and quantify key differences in cross-shore (perpendicular to the coastline) transport processes and patterns (erosion, settling, convection, turbulent diffusion, etc.) for buoyant vs. non-buoyant MP, including identification of typical depositional “hotspots” in nearshore regions.


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