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M. Sc. Raúl Villanueva

Telefon:+49 511 762 3737
Anschrift:Nienburger Straße 1-4, 30167 Hannover
Raum: A231 (3101)
Bild von Raúl Villanueva


Role at the institute:

  • Lecture Assistant 

    • River Hydraulics (WATENV)
    • Hydropower Engineering/Energiewasserbau (WATENV/WUK)

  • Research Assistant 

    • Project SeaArt

Research areas:

  • Eco-DRR 
  • Physical modeling
  • Coastal protection in the context of vegetated areas
  • Coastal morphodynamics in context with vegetated areas
  • Aerial photogrammetry applications in coastal engineering

The pdf file in the link below provides an overview of the different topics related to the project:

Topics Seagrass

Meeting hours:

Via email in order to arrange an appointment