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M. Sc. Raúl Villanueva

Telefon:+49 511 762 3737
Anschrift:Nienburger Straße 1-4, 30167 Hannover
Raum: A231 (3101)
Bild von Raúl Villanueva


Role at the institute:

  • Lecture Assistant 

    • River Hydraulics (WATENV)
    • Hydropower Engineering/Energiewasserbau (WATENV/WUK)

  • Research Assistant 

    • Project SeaArt

Research areas:

  • Eco-DRR 
  • Physical modeling
  • Coastal protection in the context of vegetated areas
  • Coastal morphodynamics in context with vegetated areas
  • Aerial photogrammetry applications in coastal engineering

Within these topics, possible ideas on student theses emerge (see PDF). Here you can refer to some of them and contact me if any inquiries should arise:

Topics Seagrass

Meeting hours:

Via email in order to arrange an appointment