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Summer School: UniCOAST

Welcome to UniCOAST!

We are proud to introduce our one-week Summer School combining academic lectures, practical work in field and laboratory, as well as training on soft skills - a unique focus on interdisciplinary work in coastal research.

The Summer School

In coastal systems, immediate interactions between the biotic and abiotic elements of the system are omnipresent. Such interactions cannot be described or understood through the exclusive consideration of one subject area. This interconnection can be found in the demands of national and international projects, both in the areas of scientific research, as well as in the design and execution of construction and maintenance works.

The Wadden Sea will serve as an investigation area (Copyright: Senckenberg am Meer)

The summer school UniCOAST will conquer these exact challenges. UniCOAST addresses MSc and PhD students as well as young professionals from various disciplines with a relation to coastal issues and offers the chance to develop the technical and personal skills to successfully manage the difficulties of working in an interdisciplinary environment. The program will be hosted by a cooperation between the Ludwig-Franzius-Institut from the University of Hannover and the research institute of Senckenberg am Meer. Heads of the collaboration will be Dr. Maike Paul and Dr. Achim Wehrmann.

The programm of the summer school contains technical lectures from professionals of different areas. All partaking disciplines (such as biology, economy, sedimentology or coastal engineering) will be presented with a focus on the region of the Wadden Sea. Aspects will be conveyed with a combination from theoretical input with practical work in field and laboratory. Additionally to these contents, soft skills regarding communication and interconnection in interdisciplinary fields will be covered.

As a special possibility for interconnection, it is planned to also enable an exchange with participants of the Wadden Sea Day, a conference of professionals working within the thematic area of the Wadden Sea.


Program Dates: The Summer School will be held at the facilities of Senckenberg am Meer in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. It is planned for the duration of one week, with arrivals on Sunday, the 23rd of August 2020 and departures on Friday, the 28th of August 2020. The location provides close proximity to the Wadden Sea as a diverse and promising investigation area. Accommodation will be provided at the Senckenberg am Meer facilities.

Qualification: UniCOAST addresses MSc and PhD students as well as young professionals (minimum requirement: bachelors degree) with a focus on topics related to coastal issues, especially in the areas of field- and laboratory studies or computational simulation. Admission is open Europe wide.

Cost: The admission fee amounts to 150 €, which covers all expenses of the one week program, as well as accommodation and catering throughout the week. This fee does not cover travel costs, but a provisioning of travel grants is currently being discussed. Information on this topic will be updated.


Admission Process

For applying to the UniCOAST Summer School, an online form has to be submitted. A letter of motivation and a CV including your university background need to be added to the application. The letter of motivation should reflect your area of scientific focus and previous research topics.

The application deadline will be on Sunday, the 26th of April 2020. Feedback regarding the success of your application will be given until Monday, the 4th of May 2020.


All questions regarding the summer school or the admission process can be directed to unicoastlufi.uni-hannover.de.