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Research Vessel

The Franzius-Institute operates a research vessel for field measurements in tidal rivers and in coastal waters. The ZODIAC RIB is equipped with extensive measuring equipment.

3D-flow velocities are measured using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (Teledyne RDI 600 kHz Broadband ADCP ).

Very low flow velocities occuring in ports and other areas shielded from the main flow can be measured by a GPS-based floating system. This system was newly developed in a joint project of the Franzius Institute and the Institute of Geodesy of the University of Hannover (IFE).

Water temperature, oxygen concentration, turbidity and fluid density are measured with a multi-probe (CTD). The sensors are mounted on an equipment rack, which can be continuously heaved and lowered through the water column. Bathymetry measurements are conducted with a dual frequency echo sounder (50 kHz and 210 kHz) installed. Various mechanical samplers (Ruttner sample bottle, van Veen grab) are also available.

Via a high-precision positioning system (real-time kinematic dGPS with it's own reference station) each individual measurement from the sensors can be displayed in an x​​, y, z (t) coordinate system with an accuracy in a range of decimeters. The orientation of the boat and the sensors in the measuring plane are determined by parallel-operated inertial instruments (gyro) and a differential GPS compass system.