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Kolkentwicklung an Offshore-Strukturen

Mario Welzel, Alexander Schendel, Arndt Hildebrandt and Torsten Schlurmann (2019). „Scour development around a jacket structure in combined waves and current conditions compared to monopile foundations”, Coastal Engineering, Vol 152, Oct 2019, 103515, Elsevier doi.org/10.1016/j.coastaleng.2019.103515

New results about the scour development around jacket structure offshore foundations exposed to combined waves and current are presented by Mario Welzel, Alexander Schendel, Arndt Hildebrandt and Torsten Schlurmann. The results of the experimental study conducted in the 3D wave basin of the Ludwig Franzius Institute enable a better prediction of the local scour development and time scale around hydrodynamic transparent jacket structures for different wave-current conditions. Measurements of the scour development over time around the complex structure, were achieved by novel echo sounding devices placed at several locations at the upstream and downstream side of the jacket structure. The published work is funded by the BMWi within the research project “HyConCast” (BMWI: 0325651A) and can be found under this link.