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"Dangerous Landscapes"

The number of uncontrolled settlements on dangerous terrain will increase further. (Photo: Marcus Hanke)

Post-production and outcome of the International Symposium on "Dangerous Landscape – Re-thinking Environmental Risk in Low-income Communities" sponsored by Volkswagen-Stiftung

The Herrenhausen Conference on November 27-29, 2017 was an interdisciplinary platform for developing risk reduction strategies for low-income communities threatened by natural hazards. Summarizing conference report is available through webpages of VW-Stiftung [here].

Post-production of all presented and discussed talks and supplementary material are available as YouTube-Streams [here]: 

Overall an inspiring and stimulating interdisciplinary symposium with a myryad of (further research) action to come. Thanks to the organizers Christian Werthmann, Ulrike Grote and Joerg Dietrich (LUH) and Volkswagen-Stiftung for organizing and hosting this meaningful scientific event in Hanover. [ts]