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Scour induced by combined short-crested waves and currents

Scour pattern after a series of combined short-crested waves and current.

Laboratory experiments in the 3D wave basin on scour induced by combined short-crested waves and currents

Laboratory experiments on the process of scour in combined short-crested waves and currents are carried out in the 3D wave and current basin of the Ludwig-Franzius-Institut. The recently extended facility allows the juxtaposition of multidirectional waves and oblique currents of up to 0.5 m/s. A monopile structure, depicted by a transparent pile, is considered as foundation structure. Scour measurements are conducted by a camera system installed inside the pile, allowing continuous scour measurements in the vicinity of the pile. The setup reflects the objective of the experiments to deepen insight into the process and evolution of scour around offshore structures in realistic multidirectional sea states. As a function of the Keulegan-Carpenter number and the combined wave-current flow velocity the influence of wave spreading on the scouring process is investigated.

The experiments are part of the joint project “GigaWind Life”, founded by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), which focuses on the life time research on support structures in the offshore test site alpha ventus.