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Analyse von Erosionsmustern um Offshore-Strukturen

Mario Welzel, Alexander Schendel, Torsten Schlurmann and Arndt Hildebrandt (2019). „Volume-Based Assessment of Erosion Patterns around a Hydrodynamic Transparent Offshore Structure”, Energies 2019,12(16), 3089; doi.org/10.3390/en12163089

New results of a laboratory study on the assessment of erosion patterns around a hydrodynamic transparent offshore foundation exposed to combined waves and currents are presented by Mario Welzel, Alexander Schendel, Torsten Schlurmann and Arndt Hildebrandt. The experimental study was conducted in the 3D wave basin of the Ludwig Franzius Institute using the 3D laser scanner of the FZK. Different volume analyzing methods are introduced, which can be related for any offshore or coastal structure to disclose physical processes in complex erosion patterns. Empirical formulations are proposed for the quantification of spatially eroded sediment volumes and scour depths in the near-field and vicinity of the structure. The present work is part of the research project “HyConCast” (BMWI: 0325651A) which is funded by the BMWi. The article was funded by the Open Access fund of Leibniz Universität Hannover and is available online under this Link.